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High Quality Windows,Doors and Conservatories


The company was established in 1977 selling and installing windows,doors,conservatories mainly in the South West. Believing that the best way of controlling quality was to make the product we started manufacturing in the summer of 1978 since which time we have made and installed many thousands of windows and doors and many hundreds of thousands of sealed insulating glass units. We are one of the few companies that has 35 years of experience and is still owned and run by the same people who started it. In fact most of our management team have been with us for over 30 years and our customers benefit from that combined experience. We believe passionately in the importance and the benefits of building the product and the expertise we have acquired over the last three decades. We are respected for providing an after sales service and warranty that actually mean something should you ever need to call on them.
Our commitment to quality extends from manufacture to customer service and support. Every customer is guaranteed a personal and professional service. Expert advice is offered on the design of applications which best suit your home and your pocket, and you can be sure of a trouble free installation with the very best in after sales support.

General details
Skelbimo autorius Ken Ashplant
E-pašto adresas Susisiekti su autoriumi
Telef. ar faks +440800378371
Miestas Yeovil

Skelbimo detalės
Skelbimo id 113571
Skelbimas peržiūrėtas  308
Skelbimo galiojimo laikas baigiasi 2017.05.30 (in 5 days)
Įtrauktas 2017.03.01

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